Funded Positions

Funded positions available to graduate students include teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA), fellowships, and hourly student positions. Below are standardized position descriptions for TA, RA, and fellowship positions. 

Research Assistant: Under the supervision of a faculty advisor/principal investigator (PI), research assistants provide support to research and creative activities. The responsibilities of research assistants can vary by assigned research project, and could include, but is not limited to: Lead discussions; Write literature reviews; Conduct laboratory work; Assist with data collection and management: Generate data, figure and reports, Use of instruments to collect data, Complete computational work, Provide data and mathematical analysis, Write code, Create software artifacts, Generate simulations, Conducting human and/or animal subjects research; Provide communication support: Develop and delivery of research presentations for internal and external audiences, Write and publish research communications manuscripts and grant proposals; Assist in the management of a lab by ordering supplies and other assigned tasks; Collaborate on research projects assigned by a PI; Attend research group and/or individual meetings; Attend training related to research work; Train and mentor other students or research staff; Communicate regularly with research group members and PI through email or other designated communication methods. RAs are expected to work an average of 20 hours per week during their appointment*. 

Teaching Assistant: Under the direction of the instructor of record for undergraduate and/or graduate courses and labs, teaching assistants provide instructional services in support of the teaching mission of the department or program. The responsibilities of teaching assistants can vary by the assigned course, and could include, but is not limited to: Support instructors of record by: Teaching, Grading, Preparing and running lab sessions of courses, Supporting online coursework such as discussion boards, Assessing student presentations and/or reports, and other academic support services as assigned; Developing assignments and assessments; Communicating regularly with faculty/instructor(s) of assigned courses or project work; Assisting with administrative tasks such as printing and copying; Support students in assigned courses by: Communicating with students in assigned courses or project work: Hold regularly scheduled or ad hoc office hours, Offer one-on-one and/or group feedback and critique sessions, Providing coaching and mentoring, Tutoring, Holding problem or discussion sessions, Facilitating student learning in project-based courses; Identifying students who need additional support; TAs are required to participate in university wide and departmental training. TAs are expected to work an average of 20 hours per week during their appointment*. 

Fellowships and Training Grants: Graduate students funded through external fellowships should follow the policies stipulated by their funding agency on working hour expectations. If no such policies are in place, the Fellow should follow the guidance for RAs. Graduate Students funded through internal fellowships or training grants should follow the guidance for RAs. 

*Please see Grading System and Academic Standards - Graduate Coursework Expectations in this graduate catalog for further information about coursework expectations, including for research credits.