MIS 584: Business Intelligence

Credits 3.0

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to design, develop, and use business dashboards for monitoring organizational performance and making data-driven decisions. On the technical side, students will learn and apply business intelligence software to organize, represent, and analyze data about customers, products, sales, marketing, operations, and financials. They will learn to create strategic, operational, and analytical dashboards displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) for managerial decision-making. On the business side, students will learn the connections between business strategy and plans, the KPIs that measure performance compared to those plans, and how to use dashboards to manage organizational performance. Students will also learn the technical and managerial challenges of creating and deploying these business intelligence best practices so that organizations gain value from their data. The course includes business cases and hands-on analyses of business data. It is designed for any student interested in learning about data-driven business performance management, including students whose primary focus is Business Management, Data Science, IT, Marketing, or Operations.