M.S. in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Program of Study
Degree Type
Master of Science

The demand for knowledgeable professionals who understand both data analytics and business needs continues to increase. The MSBA program provides a solid foundation in business analytics, with applications in a variety of business areas, plus a real-world, team-based project, which ensures that students are prepared to be successful in a data-driven, technological business environment.

The MSBA is available both on-campus and online. 

Two Specialties (6 courses)

MSBA students must complete two three-course specialties as detailed below.

Minimum Credits

Capstone Project Experience (2 courses)

Minimum Credits

Additional Recommendations:

On-campus, international students are encouraged to complete a zero credit internship to ensure their readiness for employment in the U.S. Internships do not count towards the minimum degree requirements.